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Slovenia: Europe in Miniature

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When traveling to Europe, it is easy to forget about visiting Slovenia. The
tiny country is roughly half the size of Switzerland and has a population of
just 2 million. However, for such a small country, Slovenia has a lot to offer
its visitors.

Before Slovenia gained its independence in 1991 after a 10 day war, it was part
Yugoslavia. The influence of this now-defunct nation can be seen in the lively
“Balkan spirit” of Slovenes. This is the part of Slovenes which loves to drink
schnapps, is incredibly hospitable, and at times overly emotional. However,
Slovenia never quite fit in with the rest of the Balkan nations because of the
influence that its neighbors Austria and Italy had on the country. This
influence can be seen in their love for nature, diverse cuisine and
hard-working nature. It is no wonder that Slovenia has been called “Europe in

The heart of Slovenia is its capital Ljubljana, which is the largest city at
about 270,000 inhabitants. In this small city you will be able to find a wealth
of cultural and historical sites and all mostly within walking distance. The
old town of Ljubljana is miraculously preserved with its medieval architecture.
When you stroll through the city at night and see the buildings reflected off
the river Ljubljanica, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. When you
cross over the Dragon Bridge, you will be able to see the Ljubljana Castle
looming overhead. From the top of the castle, there is a great view from which
you can see the Sava River and Kamnik Alps. Because Ljubljana has over 20
university faculties, young people visiting the city will find no shortage of
activities. Right in the center of the city is Metelkova City, autonomous zone
renown worldwide for its alternative art scene.

With Ljubljana as your starting point, you can easily visit the many
attractions in Slovenia on day trips. You won’t want to miss the unspoiled
beauty of Lake Bohinj, the necropolis of Sempeter which is from the Roman
times, or the medieval town of Ptuj. Or, you can head over to the Adriatic for
a relaxing day on the beach. Regardless of where you go in Slovenia, you are
sure to be welcomed and awed by all that this small country has to offer.

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