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Creepy Beauty in the Heart of Bohemia

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After battling the hordes of tourists in Prague, a day trip out of the Bohemian
capital will be just what you need. Just about an hour and a half from Prague,
you will find the small town of Kutna Hora which was founded in the 13th
century. Not only is Kutna Hora a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its preserved
Gothic-style architecture, it is also home to one of the world’s most
interesting and disturbing attractions: Kostnice Sedlec, better known as “Bones
The 13th century church is decorated with the bones of about 40,000 people,
though some estimates put the number towards 70,000 individual remains. Those
who are not spooked by the display of mortality will be impressed by the
artistic designs made from these skeletal remains.

Before Kostnice Sedlec was famous as Bones Church, it was a sought-after burial
ground for aristocrats. An abbot during the 13th century had sprinkled soil
from Palestine on the cemetery thus making the land holy. By the 17th century,
the cemetery was running out of space so the older graves were exhumed and
brought into the chapel for storage. Urban myths say that monks went crazy and
began to pile the remains into designs. Really, it was an artisan named
Frantisek Rint who was hired in 1870 to decorate the chapel.

Kostnice Sedlec is open every day for visitors. While on the eerie side, this
is one attraction in Europe that you won’t ever forget!

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