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Alberobello: UNESCO’s Strangest Site

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Alberobello, a small town located in the Puglia region of Italy, is famous for
its Trulli architecture. The Trulli, with their conical stone roofs, look like
they should be inhabited by Dr. Seuss characters. These comical buildings have
white limestone bases which look like they are wearing hats. Architects and
engineers will be able to look past the silly appearance of the Trulli and
admire the fact that the roofs are made without mortar.

Since 1996, Alberobello has been on the UNESCO World Heritage site list for the
over 1,500 Trulli buildings. Today, many of the Trulli are restaurants, cafes,
and hotels. However, some of the back streets are primarily residential with
families living in the Trulli houses. The town itself is the main attraction in
Alberobello and visitors will enjoy wandering through the winding streets of
this hobbit-like place. Alberobello also has a few small museums and a trullo
church. There are plenty of opportunities to buy kitch souvenirs like terra
cotta whistles and mini trulli houses. Visitors will also find no shortage of
local cuisine and wine bars.

Though Alberobello is a tourist destination, it is still not touristy. Most of
the tourists coming here are Italians. Don’t be surprised if locals invite you
in for a glass of Italian wine, making the unforgettable experience even more

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