Alberobello: UNESCO’s Strangest Site

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Alberobello, a small town located in the Puglia region of Italy, is famous for
its Trulli architecture. The Trulli, with their conical stone roofs, look like
they should be inhabited by Dr. Seuss characters. These comical buildings have
white limestone bases which look like they are wearing hats. Architects and
engineers will be able to look past the silly appearance of the Trulli and
admire the fact that the roofs are made without mortar. [...]

The Beautiful Underbelly of Krakow

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Krakow has been the royal capital of Poland for more than 500 years and has a
rich history dating back long before this. Today’s Krakow can now boast more
historical monuments, buildings, and artworks than most Western European
cities. Visitors to Krakow will love strolling through the narrow alleys,
enjoying the silence of the Jewish quarter, exploring the vast Wawel Castle,
and accidentally stumbling on hidden jazz clubs and culinary delights. [...]

Gaudi Wonderland in Barcelona: Park Guel

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The Catalans of Spain are famous for the love of life which, from an outsider’s
perspective, can even seem hedonistic at times. No other Catalan captured this
spirit of life as did the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi. While in the
Catalan capital of Barcelona, you won’t want to miss one of the most impressive
works made by the master, the wonderland that is Park Guell. [...]

Creepy Beauty in the Heart of Bohemia

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After battling the hordes of tourists in Prague, a day trip out of the Bohemian
capital will be just what you need. Just about an hour and a half from Prague,
you will find the small town of Kutna Hora which was founded in the 13th
century. Not only is Kutna Hora a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its preserved
Gothic-style architecture, it is also home to one of the world’s most
interesting and disturbing attractions: Kostnice Sedlec, better known as “Bones
Church.” [...]

Slovenia: Europe in Miniature

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When traveling to Europe, it is easy to forget about visiting Slovenia. The
tiny country is roughly half the size of Switzerland and has a population of
just 2 million. However, for such a small country, Slovenia has a lot to offer
its visitors. [...]